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Susan Tesch, MS, LMFT | Psychotherapy & Counseling

Susan Tesch, MS, LMFT | Psychotherapy & Counseling


my approach

Have you ever had a conversation with somebody and thought the person seemed like they were in denial? Have you ever then wondered if—out of concern for the person—you should say something? Have you then worried that if you do say something, it could go badly, so you choose to hold your tongue? I have, too! In ordinary relationships, we can’t always say the things we think.

Therapy is different! In the safe and private setting of my office, I will tell you what I think you need to hear, even if it’s hard for you to hear. Mental barriers, or “defenses” stand in the way of growth and I believe my primary job is to help you dismantle the defenses that especially stand in your way. When defenses become too dominant and unyielding, a person can become increasingly inflexible due to self-deception.

My goal as your therapist is to help you become more open and resilient so that you can pursue a better life and have better relationships with others.

I have extensive professional training and experience that allow me to sense subtle emotions and outmoded patterns in you that you probably haven’t noticed. My own psychotherapy and internships were psychoanalytic and have given me a substantial understanding of the human psyche, but I tailor my therapeutic interventions toward the areas where you show the most readiness to grow. Once you discover how good it feels to be in a better place, handling your life and relationships more constructively, you’ll become increasingly invested in continued growth. Therapy gets less scary and more exciting as it goes along!

While psychotherapy can be uncomfortable and painful at times, it should also be playful, fun and lively. The good times in therapy are just as vital as the painful ones. New research in neuropsychology back me up in this belief. I take “fun” seriously!

Please don’t mistake me for somebody who has it all together, because that's not who I am! The mythology of “perfect mental health” gets in the way of simple growth. Perfect is the enemy of good. What I do have to offer is almost 30 years of experience as an effective agent of change.

The “chemistry” between us is at the heart of a good therapeutic fit because therapy is a person-to-person enterprise! If, after reading this website, you feel some connection to what I’ve written, chances are good that you and I will have a productive therapeutic relationship.